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Our special interview with Adrian Mierzejewski

Our special interview with Adrian Mierzejewski
  • 06.04.2017











Selim Timuroğlu: How is the life in Sharjah ? What do you think about Al Sharjah which is a lower team in respect to Trabzonspor or Al Nassr, league position and future?

Adrian Mierzejewski: I can say that I’m a family guy so it makes things easier even in the Sharjah because there’s no too many activities around here, anyway I’m trying to do my best. Eventually I can say that I was something better.

I played for stronger teams but in here everything is fine for me and team. I’m the captain, team mates and fans are really nice with me. Unfortunately we are in the 11th position so not good position for the league. However, we will play semi-final in the cup against Al-Wahda which they have the former Bursaspor player Balazs Dzudzsak. I know him from international games. I hope we will beat them.



Selim Timuroğlu: Your contract will be ended on 1st of june, so did you get any offers from Turkey so far ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Yes, a few calls and some of them might be serious, I would love to play in Turkey. Let’s see what will happen on summer transfer window.



Selim Timuroğlu: What did you feel after your transfer to Saudi Arabia ? There are many differences between KSA and Turkey and also you are Polish, did you get use to live in KSA quickly?

Adrian Mierzejewski: It was not easy but the fans were amazing in KSA as much as Turkey fans. I was motivated and focused on my football. So as a sum, fans helped me to get use to live.



Selim Timuroğlu: Why did you leave ? Do you think that you left Trabzonspor with an unfair decision ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Surely, I played in Trabzonspor for 3 years. I was really happy in there even my first child was born in Trabzon. We did a great job in my last season for Europa League with good players such as Olcan Adın and Paolo Henrique. I was expecting for a contact renewal but they just called me on summer and told me that I can’t play for Trabzonspor in next the season and İbraim Hacıosmanoğlu has critised my transfer fee but firstly he was telling to me that you’re such a good player deserved everything blah blah and after the season he did act like a two-face person. I got shocked  because I loved Trabzonspor and had no problems in club. Halilhodzic did not want me or he wanted to sign different players and they had a deal with Al Nassr for a good price, that is why they sold me. Also they sold Olcan to Galatasaray and Henrique to China. They have received more than 12 million Euros fom this transfer and brought many players to club. However a big fail happened and Halilhodzic got sacked.



Selim Timuroğlu: You know 2 chairmans in Trabzonspor(Sadri Şener and İbrahim Hacıosmanoğlu). What would you like to say about them which one was better?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Sadri was a big guy and important person in Trabzon. He converted Trabzonspor to a big team. He made them champion. Even he brought me. Then İbrahim came and situations changed directly. In the beginning he had good relationships with players, he’s always coming to changing rooms for motivation but after everything has changed with financial problems his words became only empty, useless words and for that reason some of our players fought with him. In spite of these disasters we finished at 4th and for me it was a success. They didn’t know the value of it.



Selim Timuroğlu: You broke the transfer record of Polonia Warszawa with a 5.250.000 Euros fee. How was it ? Could you please tell us was it a pressure on you or not ? What was the differences between Polonia Warszawa and Turkish Super League ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: No it was not a pressure on me, I knew that I can handle it. The first season was diffult for me because Turkish League is harder and faster than Polish League however, we finished 3rd which counts as a success for our team. Second season I scored 13 goals and 3rd season i was the best assister in the league.



Selim Timuroğlu: Are you still following Turkish League ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Definitely,for example I watched the last match Trabzonspor-Galatasaray and must say that Trabzonspor played very well.

I can say that Beşiktaş surprised me because in my times they were too weak and they were fighting for 2nd or 3rd place but now I see that they are now totally outclassed in the Turkish League and playing better than Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. I think it is coach factor.Ş enol Güneş is a really good coach and he brought the success with himself.



Selim Timuroğlu: How was your relationship with Şenol Güneş ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: He brought me to Trabzonspor. Our chemistry were extremely good and the team’s chemistry is also. We had really good relationship he was one of the best coaches in Turkey.



Selim Timuroğlu: Which team in Turkey you played against with your best performance?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Definitely Beşiktaş. We couldn’t play well against Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe but we weren’t seeing Beşiktaş  matches as a stressful match.



Selim Timuroğlu: The most sad moment?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Turkish Cup final against Fenerbahçe. We did not deserve it and for me I can say that I played very good against them unlike the league matches. So we lost 1-0 and it was the most sad moment for me.



Selim Timuroğlu: Could you describe the rivalry between Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: It’s absolutely a war. We would prepare 2 weeks before than gameday. We couldn’t win but atmospheres were amazing.



Selim Timuroğlu: What do you think about Turkish Referees ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: I think they are under pressure, definitely can say this because when we were playing against Fenerbahçe in away they were not fair in many positions. That’s the reason why they can’t conduct the big matches easily, they listen outside voices. They were afraid about the big games. For example thy can’t show red card or give a penalty decision in these matches. However I can not say that they choose a side.



Selim Timuroğlu: Which coach was the best ? Because you worked with 4 coaches in Trabzonspor.

Adrian Mierzejewski: Every coach was different but I can’t choose one of them as a best but with Şenol we were really good. They were all Turkish and styles were similar. Moreover sometimes we’re talking about plans with Hami they would ask us for tactic formation. I think he was unexperienced and wanted to be close to us.



Selim Timuroğlu: The city of Trabzon is known with its funny side, do you have any memories ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Nothing so special but there’s one, A Polish TV came for me to Trabzon and we couldn’t make the interview easily  because of the people. They were always taking photos with me and asking for  a jersey, treating some fishes to us. When we started, 50 men came and started to shout like Adrian is here heyyy. It was so funny.



Selim Timuroğlu: Your favourite goal ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Against Lazio and Akhisar but the most important was one I scored 2000th goal of Trabzonspor. I went down in the Trabzonspor’s history.



Selim Timuroğlu: Best team mate ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Burak Yılmaz. I can’t say he had the best techniue but he was really good in front of the goal and he scored more than 60 goals in 2 seasons. That should be a success. Actually we were working on his performance our tactic was that Şenol was requesting it.



Selim Timuroğlu: Best footballer in Turkey ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Quaresma, Sneijder, Drogba and Selçuk. Selçuk killed us with free kicks.



Selim Timuroğlu: Best Defender ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Egemen Korkmaz he was like a beast.



Selim Timuroğlu: Best goalkeepers ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Onur and Tolga.

Tolga and Onur were amazing.I was surprised when Beşiktaş fans hates him. Onur was the best goalkeeper I’ve ever seen. I played with Szczesny, Tyton, Skorupski, Fabianski against Handanovic, Muslera but Onur was the best one.



Selim Timuroğlu: Have you ever received any transfer request from big 3 ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: No, they do not sign with anyone they were signing Drogba, Sneijder etc..

That’s why I couldn’t believe they signed Yasin Öztekin, the guy from Trabzonspor he wasn’t good enough even for Trabzonspor and he failed then moved to Kayseri Erciyesspor. He must worked a lot.

Same surprise for Volkan Şen, I got shocked when I saw him in Fenerbahçe he couldn’t be successful in Trabzonspor, I know he was fast and quick but had some problems with finishing.



Selim Timuroğlu: Did you feel comfortable in the city of Trabzon ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Yes 100%, I am a family guy, love my family and doing something with them, but if you  are alone in Trabzon you can get crazy because there are not too much things to do especially for players coming from Europe. For example you have 10 hours leisure time, what you can do ? Tv is turkish, no clubs or bars but I organised Polish tv in Turkey.



Selim Timuroğlu: What would you like to say about Robert Lewandowski?

Adrian Mierzejewski: I know him very well, we played 40 games together in Poland National Team and also I played many matches againt him when I was at the Polonia Warsaw. He had something different and big potential I always knew that he is going to be a big star. However,he was so thin in Poland, I think he owed something to Dortmund trainers and doctors. He has no EGO.



Selim Timuroğlu: Could you Show your 100% performance in Trabzonspor ?

Adrian Mierzejewski: Not at all, Unfortunately I showed maximum 70% and this is sad for me. Because I loved Trabzonspor and fans.





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